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Law Office of Anthony Wayne Kahn

Specializing in Creditors' Rights and Contract Litigation

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Creditors' Rights

Justice means getting what you are owed. Whether you're an individual or a corporate entity, you deserve to get paid. In general, we handle cases on a continent-fee basis, meaning we do not take a fee unless we collect what is rightfully yours. Our office stands ready to assist you in bringing suit against a debtor or collecting on an existing judgment.

Contract Litigation

Obtaining a contract that protects your interests is only half the battle. The real fight comes in enforcing your rights under a written or oral agreement. Let us fight tenaciously for your interests, so you don't have to. 



The Law Office of Anthony Wayne Kahn was founded in 1990, with a singular purpose; fighting tooth and nail for the rights of our clients. We believe that financial justice matters as much as criminal justice. When someone fails to pay you or your business for goods and services, they've stolen from you. Worse yet, they've put you in the difficult position of having to pursue the debt, or risk developing a reputation as someone who can be taken advantage of again. Such a reputation can bring real consequences down the road affecting your bottom line. Our objective is to use every possible resource available under the law to maximize your recovery. As a contingency-fee firm, we do not get paid unless we collect for you.

Equally important as your right to get paid is your right to performance under a contract. Our belief is that one's word is their bond, for businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, breach of contract claims have skyrocketed over the last several years, with many businesses and individuals treating a signed contract as the jumping-off point for negotiation, instead of respecting the sanctity of a final agreement. In Michigan, the statute of limitations on a breach of contract action is six years. Don't sleep on your rights. Contact us to enforce your rights under an agreement. 

This office values one quality above all others; hard work. Our clients have always been the hardest working businesses and individuals in Michigan, and they deserve to be represented by attorneys who will match that powerful work ethic. We don't believe in "uncollectable debts." A Michigan judgment is valid for ten years, and may be renewed for an additional decade. Our promise to you is to vigorously pursue your interests for as many years as the law will allow. After all, you did the work and you deserve to be paid - now let our attorneys do the work required to maximize your recovery.

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Anthony Wayne Kahn

Anthony, a second-generation attorney, has been practicing law for 33 years. After earning his B.S. at Wayne State University and his J.D. at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Anthony dedicates his practice to representing local businesses, property owners, and individuals, fighting with a bulldog mentality to put money back in his clients' pockets. 

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Jacob Aaron Kahn

Admitted to practice in 2022, Jacob earned his B.A. at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and his J.D. at Wayne State University Law School. As a law student, Jacob interned at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, clerked for three other law firms, and served as a student-attorney in a number of pro bono legal aid clinics. 



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3311O Grand River Avenue​

Farmington, MI 48336

Tel:  (248) 442-2322

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